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ESA’s Venus Express data undoubtedly confirm for the first time the presence of a huge 'double-eye' atmospheric vortex at the planet's south pole. This striking result comes from analysis of the data gathered by the spacecraft during the first orbit around the planet. Welcome to naetam.сочиюрист.рф! You've come here because you were searching for free porn movies, aren't you? You will find them here! We have the LARGEST and the BEST collection of adult videos. The rabbinical courts and family courts constantly hear cases in which false complaints are submitted to the police causing restraining orders to be issued wrongly in attempts to gain an advantage. WiFi сеть Ubiquiti для загородного дома. Если вы столкнулись с проблемой плохого приема в своем доме, из-за большого количества стен, а мощные роутеры не . Official Tourist Information: all you need to know about travelling to Estonia and around Estonia to help you plan your next holiday.

This striking result comes from analysis of the data gathered by the spacecraft during the first orbit around the planet.

Double vortex at Venus South Pole unveiled!

This orbit represented for the Venus Express scientists a unique opportunity to observe the planet from large distances. This made it possible to obtain first clues about the Venusian atmospheric dynamics on a global scale, before the spacecraft got closer and started observing the planet in greater detail.

Amazing infrared, visible and ultraviolet images of the Venusian globe already reveal several atmospheric features of great interest. The most striking of these is a huge, double-eye atmospheric vortex over the south pole, not dissimilar from the equivalent structure present at the north pole — the only one previously studied in some detail. Only glimpses of the stormy atmospheric behaviour at the south pole were obtained by previous missions Pioneer Venus and Mariner 10 , but such a double-eye structure was never clearly seen before now.

High velocity winds are known to spin westwards around the planet, and to take only four days to complete a rotation. But why two vortexes?

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  • Atmospheric vortexes are very complex structures that are very difficult to model, even on Earth. Thanks to these first pictures, it has also been possible to observe the presence of a collar of cold air around the vortex structure, possibly due to the recycling of cold air downwards.

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  • Views of the southern hemisphere of Venus in visible and ultraviolet light show interesting atmospheric stripe-like structures. Spotted for the first time by Mariner 10 in the s, they may be due to the presence of dust and aerosols in the atmosphere, but their true nature is still unexplained.

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    In the colour scheme shown in the image at right, the brighter the colour that is, the more radiation comes up from the lower layers , the less cloudy is the observed area.

    During capture orbit, preliminary data about the chemical composition of the atmosphere were also retrieved. The incoming solar radiation dissociates this molecule into carbon monoxide CO and oxygen in the upper atmospheric layers.

    In fact, Venus Express has already spotted the presence of an oxygen O2 airglow high in the atmosphere. However, Venus Express has revealed the presence of carbon monoxide as low as the cloud-layer top.

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    Scientists will continue the data analysis and retrieval to understand the phenomenon, which is very important to clarify the complex chemical processes and cycles at work in the atmosphere of Venus under the influence of solar radiation.

    Since 7 May Venus Express has been circling the planet in its final hour orbit, ranging between 66 and kilometres from Venus - therefore at much closer distances with respect to the capture orbit. Venus Express scientists are now analysing the new data coming in, which already show what seems to be exciting new features.

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    ESA Space Science. Double vortex at Venus South Pole unveiled! Double vortex at Venus South pole.

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    Mariner 10 and Pioneer Venus views of Venus south pole. Infrared views of south polar double-vortex.

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  • Atmospheric stripe-like features at Venus. Views of Venus day and night side.

    Venus as seen by Venus Express on capture orbit. Svedhem esa. Currently 4.

    VOI highlights and press conference. ESApod: Venus Express. Looking at Venus.

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